• Mēridien družstvo
  • E-mail: info@meridiencoop.com

Payment by wire transfer

Payment order data:
  • Company: Druzstvo MERIDIEN
  • IBAN: SK17 0900 0000 0051 9580 4115
  • Payment info: <ID client> <First name> <Surname>

After making the transfer from your bank account to the account of the Mēridien cooperative according to the data in the note, we will pair the payment with your account and confirm the cooperative application.
Payment pairing takes 1-2 business days, international payments may be delayed.
After pairing the payment, documents confirming membership in the cooperative and a voucher to Mēridien Fun Park will be sent to your email.
In a case that the confirmation email is not delivered, please send a confirmation of the payment to email address info@meridiencoop.com from the email address you used during registration.

Payment via crypto currency

The purchase of a share in the cooperative can also be realized by payment via crypto currencies. The following crypto currencies are accepted:
  • BTC - Bitcoin
  • USDT - Tether
  • LTC - Litecoin
  • MATIC - Polygon
For each crypto currency, it is necessary to use the corresponding network:
  • BTC – payment through the Bitcoin network   - wallet: 1AjPHqb7bFyeacPHNyT1icNMRBrJWcGA39
  • USDT – payment through the TRON(TRC20) network   - wallet: TDpDySbNSYZMaqC8qaJ9C1DKSurvyzKmm5
  • LTC – payment through the Litecoin network   - wallet: LTr8ZQuGporVmzaCY74awBHNk3aPoLyURg
  • MATIC – payment through the Polygon network   - wallet: 0x7b0350a057b3e5ed6abd8202c9c26ab76ab847a9

The following rules apply to crypto currency payments:
  • the price for a share in the chosen crypto currency is fixed for 15 minutes after the purchase is confirmed
  • please send a confirmation of payment in crypto from the registered email address to the contact email info@meridiencoop.com
  • sending an amount other than that stated in the payment instructions, the purchase of membership shares will be realized up to the amount sent and it is necessary to contact us at the contact email info@meridiencoop.com from the registered address and the rest will be sent to the buyer at the buyer's expense
  • Mēridien cooperative is not responsible for incorrectly entered payments or incorrectly selected network